Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Talks Orange Symbols and Effects

"Abbot of Watkungtaphao in Phu Soidao Waterfall"
In China the orange fruit can mean a prayer.

In China the orange fruit can also mean a wish for good fortune.

In dreams, oranges can mean healing and prosperity.

In many cultures oranges are related to fertility.

In some Asian cultures oranges are symbols of change and transition.

Buddhist monks wear Saffron Orange robes which are Yellow-Orange.
Theravada monks of southeast Asia wear robes thought to be very similar in to the robes worn by the historical Buddha and his disciples.

In Eastern philosophy, the Orange Chakra is in the abdomen and is the creative center.

In some Native American cultures orange represents learning or kinship.

In Northern Ireland, Orange represents Protestantism and they call themselves 'Orangemen'.

In the United States and Canada, Orange colors represents fall harvest, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

In the Netherlands, Orange represents royalty and is referred to as the House of Orange.

Orange is associated with citrus and sunshine so it's often used to symbolize Vitamin C.

Oranges, both in color and taste can stimulate the appetite.

Positive Meanings of Orange Fruits
Social, Gregarious
Jovial, Exuberant
Youthful, Cheerful
Adventurous, Daring
Energetic without Aggression
Creative, Constructive
Good Health
Exciting, Warm

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