Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunburst Oranges – Controlling Weeds Saves Water
Did you know that controlling weed growth not only results in a healthier plant but saves on the amount of water you need to keep your crops healthy? Our recent drought here in California has driven home the need for near perfect weed control. Sunburst Oranges is aiming to do just that.

Proper maintenance is a key principle in reducing irrigation requirements in a landscape or agribusiness operation. Maintenance practices, such as weed control greatly impact the water efficiency of any landscape, as well as the property’s ability to survive a drought.

Other cultural practices that add to the efficient use of water by plants are periodic checks of the irrigation system, properly-timed insect and disease control and elimination of water-demanding weeds.

Eliminate weeds and keep them away with minimum time and effort by choosing the proper herbicide and applying it in a correct and timely fashion. This works for both grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds.

A grove without weeds is one where the water is only needed for the trees and not being used by other extraneous growth mediums. (i.e. weeds)

Farmers wear many hats to do their jobs, and one of their most important hats is their business hat. Growers need to pay close attention to production costs and determine where money can be saved without a reduction in product quality. 

They also need to reinvest in their operations to improve productivity and income. While most farmers would agree that water management is important for crop production, the cost of water is often small relative to the cost of other inputs, such as energy, land, and labor. For producers of high-value crops, which are sensitive to moisture stress, it makes business sense to apply extra water to assure maximum production.

In the upcoming years, citrus growers may not have the luxury of using as much water as they are presently using. Water has always been considered a valuable commodity in the west, but changes in supply and demand will likely increase water costs.

At Sunburst Oranges quality will always be the baseline that drives our business judgments, first and foremost. If our citrus isn’t the very best you can buy then we aren’t doing our job properly. Providing you with the finest in everything we offer is our JOB 1.

We have added a new video about weed control;

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